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buy karonda ka achar

Hello everyone,

My name is Neelam i am a housewife and i take interest in making home made karonda ka achar or karonda pickle. Karonda is known as Carissa carandas in English. You can get your jar of Karonda Pickle from me.

Karonda is one of the many berry-like fruits believed to originate near the Himalayas, though some botanists place the fruit’s origin to Java. Its natural range extends from Nepal to Afghanistan and encompasses several parts of northern India throughout that stretch. 

Today, the fruit appears throughout the tropical areas of the Indian Ocean, tropical Asia, the Arabian peninsular, and stretches down to parts of Australia. Karondas are also naturalized throughout Africa. A few African countries, including Kenya and Ethiopia, have a rich history of utilizing the fruit for medicinal 

Health Benefits of Karonda
Karonda has a lengthy history in Indian folk medicine. Tribes in the Western Ghats use the fruit as a blood sugar stabilizer and as a guard against liver damage. As further explained by the National Bureau of Plant Genetic Resources, various groups have utilized the fruit to remedy biliousness, anemia, parasites, worms, fungal infections, diarrhea, microbes, wounds, skin infections, fevers, and ear infections.
Karonda/ Carissa carandas pickle/achar

Unfortunately there are very few pickle/ achar makers who make achar of karonda or carissa carrandas. Even if they do then they lack quality, taste and health benefits because they are make of harmful chemicals and preservatives. 

I make special Karonda ka achar with the taste having a feel of Grandma's recipe. It is assured that it is hygienic and prepared naturally. The added advantage of my pickle is that it can last upto many years and yet i have not added any kind of preservatives to it.

How i do this is a secret but you should relish the taste only :-)

The more older the achar grows it becomes more tasty. You can have it with rotis, breads, daal rice or just with any kind of food. Even add it a little to cooked vegetable make taste of it. Its tasty but not spicy. Even children can have it. 

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